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MXB3515 Automatic finger shaper

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Multi-function:trimming,milling,waste,shivering and chip removing.

High-precision shaper spindle,tightness bearings,adjustable working height,all this ensure perfect workpieces.

We have our own factories and have formed a professional production system from material supplying and manufacture to sale, as well as a professional R&D and QC team. We always keep ourselves updated with market trends. We are ready to introduce new technology and service to meet the market needs.

Worktablels move speed is adjustable.

PLC electrical control.

The MXB3515 Automatic finger shaper is a machine used in woodworking to shape and profile wood edges, particularly for finger joints. The finger joints are created by shaping the wood into the required shape with specially designed cutters.The MXB3515 Automatic finger shaper is a modern, fully automatic machine that is designed to increase productivity and accuracy. The machine is equipped with high-speed spindles for efficient cutting and a feed system that automatically adjusts to the thickness of the wood.The operation of the MXB3515 Automatic finger shaper is very straightforward. The wood is fed into the machine and automatically positioned and clamped in place. The machine then shapes the wood into the desired profile using its high-speed cutters. The finished product is then ejected from the machine.Overall, the MXB3515 Automatic finger shaper is a versatile and efficient machine that is widely used in the woodworking industry to shape wood edges for finger joints. It can increase production output while maintaining accuracy, making it a valuable tool for many woodworking operations.

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Model MXB3515
Maximum machining width 600mm
Maximum machining thickness 12-150
Min. working length 80mm
Motor power for shaping 11kw
Shaper spindle dia φ50
Shaper spindle speed 6500rpm
Motor power for cutting-off 3kw
Saw blade dia,for cutting-off φ250
Cutting off saw speed 2800rpm
Scoring power 0.75kw
Scoring saw dia φ150
Scoring saw speed 2800rpm
Hydraulic system power 1.5kw
Hydraulic system pressure 1-3Mpa
Pressure of air system 0.6Mpa
Worktable size 700*760mm
Total weight 1000kg
Overall dimensions (L*W*H) 2200*1400*1450mm

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