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Operation Specification for Advantage Box of CNC Fully Automatic Hydraulic Jigsaw

(Summary description)The common jigsaw machines on the market are just hand-made ancient jigsaw equipment, such as A-type single-board machines and hot presses. In order to improve work efficiency and save labor costs, the jigsaw equipment is constantly being updated.

Have you found that in the past few years, more and more panel manufacturers or custom furniture factories have begun to replace new equipment, especially automatic splicing machines? What is the reason? Have you analyzed it?

The common jigsaw machines on the market are just hand-made ancient jigsaw equipment, such as A-type single-board machines and hot presses. In order to improve work efficiency and save labor costs, the jigsaw equipment is constantly being updated.

Performance characteristics of CNC fully automatic hydraulic four-sided splicing machine:
1. High degree of automation, using man-machine interface, numerical control technology, computer control to complete a series of opening, closing, locking, lifting, and lowering doors according to the setting data in the touch screen menu, and automatic pressure, pressure relief and relief of hydraulic cylinders in all directions Pressure replenishment;
2. Various signals are detected and fed back by pressure sensors, position sensors, and photoelectric sensors. Programmable controller master and slave station protocol communication data exchange, calculation and control of the coordinated pace and time of side pressure and positive pressure during the boarding process , To adapt to the stress trend and flexural modulus of the wood, control its hydraulic pressure fluctuation range, and ensure the quality requirements of the puzzle;
3. The pressure at both ends of the jigsaw is adjusted by numerical control, and the oil cylinders at both ends are pressurized intermittently and always maintain the set difference with the center pressure, which can avoid the shoulders at both ends of the jigsaw;
4. The geometric accuracy of the worktable is high, and the flatness and perpendicularity can be controlled within tens of silk, which further ensures the quality of the puzzle;
5. Non-adhesive protective layer is applied to the workbench ribs, presser feet and other parts that directly contact the wood glue to prevent the accumulation of glue residue and affect the flatness of the board, greatly reducing the downtime and cleaning time;
6. The quality of the jigsaw is stable. The hydraulic action steps, action pressure, pressurization time, pressure fluctuation range, and pressure gluing time of all working faces can be completely consistent. The quality of the jigsaw is only controlled by the computer. Dispersion of energy, temporary work delays and other human factors caused unstable jigsaw quality or different standards, which caused batch quality fluctuations;
7. The labor intensity is low, and the operator is relieved from the cumbersome manual valve and foot valve control sequence conversion, and the correct switching time control. After lightly pressing the button to give instructions, they can freely observe and adjust (percussion). The flatness of the board, so that there is enough time to apply glue or loading and unloading work seriously, and to ensure the stable quality of the puzzle;
8. Maintenance and repair are convenient and fast, and the execution process of each action of the machine tool has corresponding indicator lights.

Preparatory work before the operation of the jigsaw machine
1. Before the equipment is running, be sure to check the power supply and air pressure to see if it is normal.
2. The process parameters of the equipment should also be checked to see if they are consistent with the existing process dimensions.
3. Lubricate the equipment correctly and refuel it.
4. Do a good job of trial cutting before starting to ensure the smooth progress of follow-up work.

Operation of automatic high frequency jigsaw
1. For the requirements of the staff, they must be well-trained and familiar with each component of the equipment and operating specifications.
2. To adjust the clamp to the correct position, it can be adjusted by hand.
3. Once in the process of operation, if you encounter an emergency or the track cannot turn, you must stop the operation of the equipment and wait for the equipment to start and operate normally.
4. The pressure should be adjusted to six air pressures according to the technical operation manual, the torque generated by the equipment is moderate, and the plate lock should not be too tight to avoid glue overflow or glue failure.
5. After the operation is completed, the press frame moves to the initial position, and the control switch is turned to the "off" state.

The above is the analysis of the advantages and operation precautions of the automatic high-frequency jigsaw machine, do you know?

Post time: May-25-2021