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Horizontal hydraulic press glulam press

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1.This machine adopts hydraulic principals characterized by a huge pressure and pressing.

Pressure-supplement system can set the upper and lower limit of pressure and resupply the pressure lost automatically.

2.Top pressure pusher can move in horizontal direction according to working pieces specification.

3.With upward-downward roller on worktop,which facilitate feeding.

4.All operation controlled by buttons and valves,easy to operate.

The horizontal hydraulic press glulam press is a type of machinery used in the manufacturing of glulam beams, which are laminated wood beams used in construction. This press applies hydraulic pressure to wood lamellas to form them into a strong, durable beam. The horizontal design of this press allows for easy loading and unloading of the wood for streamlined production.The press uses a combination of heat and pressure to bond the wood lamellas together using adhesive, resulting in a high-strength beam. After the wood has been pressed and bonded, it is cut to size and shaped based on the project specifications. Glulam beams are known for their strength, versatility, and sustainability, making them a popular choice in modern construction.Overall, the horizontal hydraulic press glulam press plays a vital role in the production of glulam beams, providing an efficient and effective method of manufacturing these important building materials.

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    Model MH13120W/1
    Max working length 12000mm
    Max working width 1300mm
    Max working thickness 250mm
    Side cylinder dia Φ100
    Side cylinder amounts 36pcs
    Top cylinder dia Φ40
    Top cylinder amounts 36pcs
    Open-door cylinder dia Φ63
    Open-door cylinder amounts 6pcs
    Rated hydraulic pressure 16Mpa


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