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Bladder multifunction press lamella press

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1. By pneumatic drive, it is featured by rapid and reliable action and uniform pressing, and can make gluing of face veneer flat and perfect by exerting pressure in the front or on the right of workpiece.

2. The machine, in the type of five-side rotation, has five working faces for continuous line production, ensuring higher working efficiency.

3. Length of workpiece can be freely adjusted by base plate to reach requirements stated in the order.

4.Worktable top made from polytetrafluoroethylene material is non-sticking to glue.

The Bladder Multi-Function Press or Lamella Press is a specialized machine used in the woodworking industry to create curved plywood panels or laminates. The machine uses a hydraulic system to apply pressure to the layers of wood, which are bonded together to form a single sheet. The unique design of the Bladder Multi-Function Press allows for the formation of complex shapes and curves that are not possible with other types of presses. This press is commonly used in the production of curved furniture, musical instruments, and architectural elements such as curved walls or ceilings. The press can be programmed to create a wide range of shapes and sizes, making it a versatile tool for any manufacturer that requires quality curved plywood or laminates.


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MODEL MH1424/5
Worktable sides 5
Max working length 2400mm
Max working width 200mm
Working thickness 2-5mm
Total power 0.75kw
Table rotating speed 3rpm
Working pressure 0.6Mpa
Output 90pcs/h
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 3950*950*1050mm
Weight 1200kg

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