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Two-side hydraulic press series(Sectional type)

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■ This    machine    adopts    hydraulic    principals    characterized    by    a    stable    motion    speed,    huge    pressure    and    still pressing.   High   density   braced   sheetings   as   back   worktop   and   pressure   from   the   top   and   front   can   prevent   the curved  angle  and   make  the   board  glued  completely.   Low  sanding  and   high  output.

■ According   to   different   working   specifications(length   or   thickness),   system   pressure   can   be   adjusted   according   to different   pressure   required.   And   there   is   pressure-recovery   system   ,which   ensure   the   constant   pressure.

■  Numerical   control   and   hotkey   operation,   which   reduce   human   factor   and   improve   quality

■ Sectional  type,  for  shorter  wood  processing,  more  flexible  and  high  efficiency.

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MODEL MH1325/2-2F MH1346/2-XF MH1352/2-XF MH1362/2-XF
 Max.working length 2700mm AGOOmm 5200mm 6200mm
Max.working width 1300mm 1300mm 1300mm 1300mm
Working thickness 10-150mm 10-150mm 10-150mm 10-150mm
center cylinder dia φ80 φ80 φ80 φ80
center cylinder amounts of each side 6/8 10/12 10/12 12/14/16/18
side  cylinder dia φ40 φ40 φ40 φ40
side cylinder amounts of each side 6/8 10/12 10/12 12/14/16/18
Lift cylinder dia φ63 φ63 63 63
Lift cylinder amounts of each side 4 4/6 4/6 4/6
Motor power for hydraulic system 5.5kw 5.5kw 5.5kw 5.5kw
Rated pressure of system 16Mpa 16Mpa 16Mpa 16Mpa
Overall dimensions(L*W*H) L 3300mm 5200mm 5800mm 6800mm
W 2150mm 2150mm 2150mm 2150mm
H 2210mm 2210mm 2210mm 2210mm
Weight 3000-3500kg 4800-5600kg 5500-6500kg 6500-8100kg

The company has always been engaged in R&D and production of key equipment for solid wood processing including glued laminated timer and construction timber over decades in the principle of “Be More Expert and Perfect”, is devoted to supplying sophisticated general-purpose or special equipment for the industries of log cabin, solid wood furniture, solid wood door and window, solid wood floor, solid wood stairs, etc. Leading products involve clamp carrier series, gear milling finger jointer series and other special equipment, gradually take a dominant position in domestic market as a strong brand in like products, and have been exported to Russia, South Korea, Japan, South Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

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