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Double-side Door and Window Assembling Machine

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Two Types of Frames

C-frame hydraulic presses can be used manually or automatically. As a rule they take up less floor space than other hydraulic presses because of their C-shaped frame. These presses, made of steel, are sturdy and have very little deflection.

The H-frame hydraulic press is used for a variety of operations. As a laminating press, it uses two places, one for heating, the other for cooling. Using the two together speeds up the process of laminating. When it is used as a transfer press, flat material is fed in, often rubber, metal blanks or plastic. It is passed from die to die by a feed bar finger. Most are made for heavy loads, as high as 3,500 tons, but there are smaller presses also.

A double-side door and window assembling machine is a piece of equipment used in the woodworking industry to assemble doors and windows. It has two worktables or stations, one for each side of the door or window frame. The machine applies glue to the joints, and the pre-cut pieces are assembled together on both sides simultaneously, saving time and improving efficiency. The machine also includes tools for drilling, grooving and cutting to ensure precision during the assembly process. Overall, the double-side door and window assembling machine is an essential tool for manufacturers who need to quickly and accurately produce doors and windows for construction projects.

Product Detail

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Model MH2325/2
Max working length


Max working width 1000mm
Max working thickness 80mm
Top cylinder dia and quantity Φ63*200*4(Pcs/side)
Side cylinder dia and quantity Φ63*200*2(Pcs/side)
Rated pressure of air system 0.6Mpa
Rated pressure of hydraulic system 16Mpa
Overall dimensions(L*W*H) 3600*2200*1900mm
Weight 2200kg



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