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I beams press H beams press

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  1. This machine adopts hydraulic principals characterized by a stable motion speed,huge pressure and still pressing.
  2. Feeding by chain,the feeding speed is adjustable,which is very suitable for mechanization.
  3. Loading and unloading can carry out automatically.
  4. Tht pusher is adjustable in horizontal direction.
  5. With 2 worktop ,raise efficiency
  6. .I assume you are asking about the difference between I beams and H beams and how they are manufactured using a press. I-beams have two flat top and bottom surfaces with a tapered edge in the middle, while H-beams have a wider flange and a narrower web. Both beams are commonly used in construction and manufacturing for their strength and durability.To manufacture I beams or H beams, a hydraulic press is used to bend steel to the desired shape. The press applies pressure to the steel, causing it to deform and take on the shape of the die. The die is a piece of metal with a specific shape that is used to guide the steel as it is bent.The process of manufacturing I beams and H beams can vary depending on the manufacturer and the size of the beams being produced. However, the general process involves heating the steel to a specific temperature, passing it through the press to bend it to the desired shape, and then cooling it to set the shape. Once the beam is formed, it is often cut to the desired length and prepared for use in construction or manufacturing.

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Model MH4166/2
power source 380V/50Hz
Max working length 6600mm
Max working width 300mm
Max working thickness 100mm
Cylinder dia. Φ80
Cylinder amounts per side
Motor power for hydraulic system 7.5Kw
Rated pressure for hydraulic system 16Mpa
Overall dimensions(L*W*H) 6620*1800*990mm
Weight(kg) 5000kg

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