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Two-side hydraulic press series (Normal type)

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■ This  machine  adopts  hydraulic  principals  characterized  by  a  stable  motion  speed,  huge  pressure  and  still pressing.

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■ According to different working specifications(length or thickness), system pressure can be adjusted according to different  pressure  required.And there  is  pressure-recovery  system  ,which  ensure the  constant  pressure.

■ Numerical control and hotkey operation, which reduce human factor and improve quality.

There is a wide range of hydraulic press types. All are press machines that work with either fluid or hydraulic pressure. Based on Pascal’s principle, a hydraulic press works because pressure builds up throughout its closed system, exerting equal force within all areas of the container.

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High quality: Using high quality material and establishing a strict quality control system, assigning specific persons in charge of each process of production, from raw material purchase to pack.


Model MH1325/2 MH1346/2 MH1352/2 MH1362/2
Max working length  2700mm  4600mm  5200mm  6200mm
Max working width  1300mm  1300mm  1300mm  1300mm
Working thickness  10-150mm  10-150mm  10-150mm  10-150mm
Top cylinder dia  Φ80  Φ80  Φ80  Φ80
Top cylinder amounts of each side  6/8  10/12  10/12  12/15/18
Side cylinder dia  Φ40  Φ40  Φ40  Φ40
Side cylinder amounts of each side  6/8  10/12  10/12  12/15/18
Lift cylinder dia  Φ63  Φ63  Φ63  Φ63
Lift cylinder amounts of each side  2/4  2/4/6  2/4/6  2/4/6
Motor power for hydraulic system  5.5kw  5.5kw  5.5kw  5.5kw
Rated pressure of system  16Mpa  16Mpa  16Mpa  16Mpa
Overall dimensions  3100*2300*2250mm  5000*2300*2250mm  5600*2300*2250mm  6600*2300*2250mm
Weight  3000-3500kg  4800-5600kg 5500-6500kg  6500-8100kg

Note:These above mentioned are our normal types.Special specifications are acceptable to us.

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