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Preformed wall production line

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A woodworking wall production line is a system of equipment and machinery used for the mass production of wooden walls or wall panels. The production line typically includes machines that cut, shape, and join the individual wooden pieces to form the completed wall or panel. Such lines can be used for manufacturing various types of walls, including prefabricated walls or modular walls used in home construction. The use of such production lines allows for greater efficiency and productivity in the woodworking industry.

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The specifications and models of prefabricated wallboard are varied, the production process is numerous and complex, and the operation cycle is long. The production of standard wallboard (no bay window, no special position out of the bar, the bar is not too long) can also adopt assembly line production. Compared with the laminated floor production line, the wallboard production line has added the station for placing the mesh block of thermal insulation material and its protective layer, the station for lifting and demoulding, and the station for taking out the magnetic device, etc., and added the process of secondary pouring of protective concrete with thermal insulation material, and the process of taking out the surface grinding in the process of steaming. The automatic prefabricated wallboard production line equipment designed and produced by our company has the following characteristics: 1. It has the low equipment input of the fixed die table production line, but also has the characteristics of high mechanization and automation. 2, the production line is equipped with the central ferry car, according to the principle of first in first out, automatic scheduling of the mold platform, the first to enter the next process. It has the characteristics of flexible production organization. 3. Automatic flow control of assembly line according to the concept of lean production. The information integration software system independently developed by the company can complete the full digitization of order flow system, equipment monitoring system, warehousing and logistics system, etc., and conduct in-depth mining and analysis of data sources, so as to provide scientific basis for enterprise management and decision-making.

This line can be fully automatic line from nailing to storage ,or semi-auto line as users requirement

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